Pinnacle Accountancy Group
Esperanza P.
My husband and I were stuck in a time sensitive situation on a Friday evening. We called our tax guy and he wasn’t available. We called friends, left messages, posted inquiries on social media for referrals and still nothing. Saturday afternoon, I’m calling more people, Abet answers.
He asks what we need and says: send me your information and let me call you back. Within an hour, Abet sends us a PDF tax matrix and calls us to walk through tax predictions for our current AND 2015 tax year. He extended himself beyond our expectations....on a weekend! And when he had other clients to attend.
Our conversation, although brief, was insightful and rich with in depth knowledge; he knew exactly what we needed. Abet acted as part accountant / part therapist. He was empathetic and compassionate to our situation. In the end, as we asked how much we owed him for his time, he said, “no, no, no charge. I’m just glad I could help you. Let me know how it goes.” Needless to say, Abet just made two more clients.
Irene W.
Abet is ABSOLUTELY amazing.
Last year I had a terrible experience with H&R block. Not only did I not get a refund that I was entitled to, I had to spend more money to amend my return with them and I ultimately still did not get my refund back. What was even worse was that H&R block pretty much vanishes after tax season and it’s nearly impossible to find the agent that was helping you.
So this year, I found Pinnacle Accountancy Group through yelp, and decided to give it a shot. Prior to the appointment, Abet sent me a checklist of documents that I needed to bring to help with the appointment process. At the actual appointment, Abet was very knowledgable and explained everything to me in a way that I can understand. I was there for no more than an hour. The best part about PAG also is that they run all year round, so even if you have problems after tax seasons, I will still be able to contact him.
I highly recommend Abet if you are looking for a knowledgable, easygoing, honest AND efficient accountant. :) I’m never going anywhere else!
Valarie M.
First of all, let me just say I’m terrified of finances and taxes more than the monster under the bed. I don’t understand it and I never want to....
With that being said, my boyfriend has quite a complicated tax situation being an avid entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. And guess what? I took on the task of helping him take care of his taxes. Turned into me having to totally take care of it all. So I needed to find someone to help me. Someone that has an good understanding of the entertainment industry and all the tricky aspects of the finances that go along with it.
I took to Yelp and chanced it. I reached out to many accountancy groups. Out of all of them, Abet was the only one who actually typed a response to me instead of an automated message. That was the first sign or a person who would have the patience to deal with me.
Abet was out of town at the time, but was still emailing me and even offered to jump on a call if my situation was urgent. Since it wasn’t, I insisted he enjoy himself and we would meet when he returned. He kept up with me with emails, which was surprising. I didn’t expect to feel so important before he had any money from me. We met up and talked. He was willing to meet me wherever was convenient for me, even on a Saturday!

Abet completely understood my situation and reassured me that it wasn’t as bad as I had expected. I was thinking we would owe thousands to Uncle Sam! Without completely reasonable prices, Abet has a thorough knowledge of the entertainment industry and can really light the dark tax path that comes with it.
I feel so lucky to have found Abet to help my boyfriend and I not feel so stressed during tax season, and all year long. Thank you Abet! !
Serge E.
Abet is the man! He’s helped us out two years in a row now and I have to say it’s the best experience I’ve ever had. His advice is sound and he’s extremely accommodating with questions. We’ll be sticking with him for a long time!
Sophia B.
I am beyond satisfied with the care and service I receive from this firm. I was referred to Abet at Pinnacle by a co-worker and I could not be happier. I have had other accountants in the past and none have been as explanatory or genuine in their desire to serve as Abet. I can tell that he treats each of his clients with respect and is personable and friendly as well. Professional, thorough and efficient would be the words I use to describe him. He takes time to explain and allows for questions and learning which I believe is very important.
I recommend Abet to everyone.
Cassandra C.
Abet is a very friendly guy who readily volunteers his knowledge and really cares about his clients. He’s very flexible with his time and was able to fit us in to his schedule(with 2 individuals and one partnership) less than a week before April 15th. His prices are extremely reasonable- I paid less here than I did with my previous accountant who did not do nearly as good a job.
Bonnie B.
Abet is the best, and nicest tax accountant I have EVER come across, and that’s saying a lot, because I have always used accountants. He is generous, professional, extremely knowledgable, courteous and very laid-back - which is also saying a lot- because that’s rare to find in an accountant in Southern California. I actually look forward to going to do my taxes next year...Abet was that awesome.

You will not regret it if you use Abet’s services, believe me.
Joshua G.
I had questions about my tax situation as an employee and contractor on the side. Abet met with me in person, gave great advice, and put together a projection of what my taxes would look like at the end of the year.
Abet is a personable and professional individual. I recommend his approach and talents to anyone who has questions about their current tax situation.
Masaru , Ashwood Ono
Taxes made easy! We are new small business owners and getting a grasp on relevant tax issues was definitely one of the more difficult aspects of launching our new business - until we found Pinnacle via a referral from one of our friend’s that also owns a small business. They made it easy - professional, reachable and truly experts in tax laws and general accounting. All of this while being less expensive then most other groups. They have helped us grow our business and save money on taxes! He has helped numerous colleagues and friends with their personal income tax needs and all are happy. They owe me...
Eddie Z.
I finally understand the difference in accountants, specially when it come to income tax filling. It is crucial to work with an accountant who is knowledgeable, trustworthy, organized and respects the deadlines.
This is what I received from Pinnacle accountancy group. No matter how big or Small they take you through all the necessary steps with the out most professionalism. Highly highly recommended.
Stephanie H.
I have nothing but good things to say about Abet! I was really worried and confused about filing my taxes this year because it was the first time I was classified as self-employed and on turbotax it was showing that I was going to owe ALOT of money. I was nervous going into the meeting with Abet because I had never had a meeting with an accountant before, but right away he made me feel at ease. He has a great personality and is very, VERY good at what he does. What seemed so confusing to me, was easy as pie to him and he quickly got what I owe in taxes down to something that was more than manageable. I was so relieved!! I also had a few questions that my friend wanted me to ask him about her taxes and he was more than willing to answer those questions as well, even though she isn’t paying him. On top of all that, I have his number now that he says I can always reach him throughout the year with any tax questions i may have, which is so nice because I always have questions haha. I do suggest calling early to book a meeting with him at the beginning of the year because he does get busy when tax season is in full swing.
Daniel S.
Abet is a blessing.
I have always had trouble finding a good, reliable and knowledgeable accountant, and now my search is finally over. Abet quickly calmed my frayed nerves on getting my taxes in order and easily & quickly helped me get my business incorporated. Truth be told, he did all the work, I just told him what I wanted to do, and in a couple weeks it was done.
He has a no-nonsense approach to explaining what I need to know in the ever expanding, infinitely confusing world of taxes. His prices are more then fair, and with the services, knowledge and peace of mind he provided me, they are almost a steal.
I highly recommend him and him and his business. Thank you, Abet.
Joan V.
We love the youthful exuberance of accountants! ha.
A solid personal relationship with your accountant is what any business or family should have. When the firm that our family used for three generations, consolidated into a corporation, we decided on going with Pinnacle Accountancy Group through the advice of close friends. We are very pleased, looking forward to a strong relationship with Pinnacle for generations to come...
Kat C.
Abet at Pinnacle Accountancy Group is top notch. This was the first year I had my taxes done by a professional, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Abet listened to my questions and made solid recommendations, while getting me the most out of my tax return. He is very diligent, CARING and personable. Highly recommended for taking the stress out of tax season! Thanks Abet!
Rachael R.
I came to PAG through the recommendation of a friend, and I couldn’t be happier. Abet was extremely knowledgable, friendly, patient, and had no qualms with explaining everything to me in excruciating detail. [I’m sort of a question machine when it comes to these things…] If you’re looking for someone who’s incredibly honest and efficient, who also just so happens to have your best interest in mind, Abet’s your guy.
Jessica E.
Abet is great- I’ve never had an accountant sit with me and take his time explaining the step by step process. Abet also remains available to you after filing your tax return for further questions/concerns! I definitely recommend Abet and will return next year!
Jason B.
If you need an accountant in the Burbank/Glendale area, this is the place to go. They provide exceptional service, reasonable prices, and they are very thorough.
Aramik G.
For 2014 I decided to get my taxes done kind a early, so I asked a couple of my friends for recommendation on a tax return specialist / accountant / CPA. PAG (Abet) is an expert in his field, my tax returns were filed quickly & most importantly correctly. Abet also was informative and taught me some fundamentals about how to manage my personal finances. I will be using his services from now on and I highly recommend people in Glendale & Burbank to give him a try.
Anne B.
My husband and I have been going to Abet for years. He is by far the best accountant in the Burbank and Glendale area. He knows what he is doing and we have peace of mind knowing that we are using a professional unlike any other. His rates are reasonable and we highly recommend him.
Annette M.
I came to pinnacle accountancy services after I got their mailer, for my yearly tax filling. The accountant is very professional and caring. He spends time with you going over all different tax options and consults for next year as well. I would highly recommend him for personal taxes and consulting. I referred all my friends and family to him. Definitely worth trying.
Claudia P.
Every year I try a new accountant. I am so glad I tried Pinnacle this year, Abet was wonderful to work with. Not only was he incredible kind and patient, but he explained every detail and was extremely informative. I highly recommend getting your taxes done by him.